"JC" An adaptation of Willam Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar", written/directed/produced by Matt Boatright-Simon will be screening at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. 












Boatright-Simon Picture+Sound is an award-winning integrated COMMUNICATION+CONTENT CREATION COMPANY [C4] headquartered in Los Angeles, California, in the heart of Silicon Beachwith offices in Minneapolis and Madison. We're made up of Academy Award-winning artists, Google brainiacs, and award-winning filmmakers.

We manage brands and  produce film, commercials, VR/AR,  digital experiences, and television for clients ranging from multi-billion dollar telecoms like AT&T and Skechers to cool tech start-ups like Smoke Private Messaging and artisanal juice companies like WunderJuice.  We've worked with sitting Presidents and Heads of State,  NASA astronauts, olympians, Super Bowl winners, Nobel laureates, Fields medal winners,  Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar winners alike.

Our original content has screened at Cannes, premiered at Edinburgh,  played on prime time TV, clicked-through on the web, downloaded from the app store, and streamed millions of times on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. 

Our cameras have drifted down the Ganges River in India at dawn, sat atop dunes in the Baja desert, and tracked dolphins against the Pacific's setting sun. We've chopped our way through wet Fijian jungle, sucked oxygen at 14,000 feet at the Keck Observatory, and captured a live feed on the floor of mission control at Johnson Space Center

We take complex rocket science and make it easy to understand. We make the intricacies of your new app look simply cool. We'll find the core of your wants and needs and make it elegant and easy to get.  Long and short, our hard work makes things look easy. 

From the international stage, to video and film, to web and app design, VR and AR, through digital strategy; Boatright-Simon Picture+Sound loves to tell "Great Stories. Big+small"





2015 Best Director -  4th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival - "Let Be"

2014 Audience Choice Award - Minneapolis Underground Film Festival - "Let Be" - (Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, Cinematographer, Composer)

2014 Festival Choice Award - Trinity International Film Festival- "Let Be" - (Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, Cinematographer, Composer)

2007 Terror Film Festival Winner - Best Editor - "Til Night"

2007 Terror Film Festival - Best Screenplay Nominee 2007 - "Til Night"

2007 Terror Film Festival - Best Director Nominee 2007 - "Til Night"



2010 Insight Award of Excellence - "This Emotional Life", PBS - Director -TV Episode-Documentary Series







On 2016 Edinburgh Fringe international hit play





"Jokes leave the audience in stitches and laugh at just about every line" 













Picture+Sound is thrilled to be working with Barry Levy, screenwriter of Vantage Point and Paranoia on "Die Trying" a gritty and gripping modern-day drama shot in Southern California. 

Season Two of Unsportsmanlike Conduct with Greg Wolf is coming up! Where will GDub take the show this year?

Picture+Sound just got a "go" on The Cross Section, a daily studio show covering politics, sports, tech and culture. 

Picture+Sound is deep into pre-production on the episodic pilot "Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Half Brother", based on the acclaimed sell-out 2016 Edinburgh Fringe comedy play of the same name. Shooting on-location in Edinburgh, London and Los Angeles. 

Photo credit: Matt Boatright-Simon

Photo credit: Matt Boatright-Simon

JC is the visionary retelling of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, focusing on  Portia and her husband Brutus, best friend of Julius Caesar. This charged political thriller takes place in modern-day New Rome and tracks the failed plot against Caesar.