MATT BOATRIGHT-SIMON - FOunder/Chief Creative Officer 

Matt is an internationally acclaimed, multiple award-winning stage, television and film writer, director, and producer. He's created genre-bending film, magical realism theater, documentary television and visionary commercials and branded content. 

Matt started his career at award-winning music video, commercial and film production shop CLIO-winning Propaganda Films  in Los Angeles, learned editing at the foot of Academy Award-Winning Hank Corwin at Los Planet  in Santa Monica, honed his storytelling skills on London's West End stage, and developed his technical chops at Academy Award-Winning Rhythm and Hues Studios in Los Angeles. He's composed and performed music for film and television,  produced international plays and worked on brands ranging from NASA, Skechers, EA Sports, Mercury, and AT&T to name a few. 

He's a visual stylist with a command of nuanced, character-based storytelling, mixed with organic visual effects. He's worked with sitting Presidents and other heads of state, rock legends like Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, BB King, Kanye West, Nobel laureates, pioneering astronauts, and other exception humans. He's filmed from helicopters, airplanes, boats, cars and trains. He's shot in remote Fijian jungles, inside NASA's command center, at the Keck Observatory at 14,000 feet and deep inside the LHC at CERN.

Matt was a National Champion rower at the University of Wisconsin, speaks Mandarin, and is a scratch coder. He's currently working on his second feature film entitled "Die Trying", written by Barry Levy.



Michael Simon is a writer, artist, and a 20-year veteran of the IT industry, with a passion for user experience, graphic and software design, and data visualization.  Working at Google, Microsoft Intellectual Ventures Labs, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (among others), his career focus has been directed toward creative innovation. Michael has tread new ground in the design and development of commercial, entertainment, and philanthropic use of technology. He brings a wealth of experience to the position of CIO as a creative story teller who understands how to deliver  a successful, emotionally engaging, and technically outstanding product. 


LEN RUBEL -  Chief STRATEGY officer

Len Rubel as almost 20 years experience in strategic planning. His integrated approach to planning and content stems from his broad strategic experience which includes media strategy for Apple, mobile strategy for Target, social strategy for the US Army and digital strategy for Pepsi. A writer producer and actor (SAG member), Len is a natural storyteller who brings that approach to his work. Finding the right story to connect a brand with its audience is his passion.