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Picture+Sound is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Beach, along with our neighbors Google, SNAPCHAT YahooYouTubeFOX, Electronic Arts and Facebook.

Bring your suntan lotion, grab a bike, and enjoy the breeze. 

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Reach out at We’re good with email and get back pretty quickly. Tell us about what you’re up to, and how your company and your products are going to change to the world. A couple sentences is fine. Texting is good as well - 424.353.1881 After that, we’ll sort out a time to chat in more detail.  

Then we'll meet. Either virtually or in-person. We’ll get a better feel for what you’re up to and how we can help. 


After we’ve talked a bit and both like the idea of working together, our team will gather and generate a treatment which is usually a page, give or take, where we elaborate on how we see our project working. 

This is where we'll  ask you lots of questions, like "what do you want this to be?" and "who’s your intended audience",  and so forth. These things help shape the production needs and deliverables but more importantly help us define the core of our goals.



We’ll  give a brief breakdown of the concept, how we’ll execute it and what we’ll need to pul it off. We usually get a bit of cash for this step. This is often called the creative engagement, and it means we’re working for our pay, and you’re paying for our work. Standard stuff.  And once we “green light” the project, all of this money is applied to the overall  budget. 

Our process is organic, yet structured. We work quick but we don’t hurry.  The average time from the very first spark of a concept to completion of your film is about 12 weeks to get something you can put on the web, television, the IMAX or anywhere else your heart desires.  If you need it faster than 12 weeks, and have the extra budget that speed demands, we can do that as well. But like most things in life the axiom of good/fast/cheap applies. 

We do commercials for your product. And in many instances manage brands as well. 



We get this question all the time. The easy answer is that it's tough to answer without knowing the variables. It’s like building a house, or throwing a wedding. How many rooms? What materials are we using to build? We have to know a lot more about what you’re looking for before we can give a well-considered number.

It does help to consider that an average commercial crew can range from 25-45 hard-working highly skilled professionals.  Like anything else, it costs real money to make something fantastic that will move people. Something that will have legs, and stand out from the cacophony of content bombarding us every day. But if there’s more than one way to get to Memphis, there's more than one way to tackle a production.

Because we work with Fortune 500s, and start-ups with a little more than 500 bucks in the bank, we usually find a way. You see we love innovating on the spread sheets as much as on the screen. See below:

∆ - START-UPS, INDIE DEVS, AND NEW BUSINESSES -  We get them. We were them. We started that way, so we have a soft spot for the magic that comes out daring and tireless effort. Quite frankly we've done fewer of these recently, but we're always open to company or app that amazes and inspires. "Yes" is normally better than "no", so we’ll work to find a way to work together. You'll tell us of your amazing idea, and we'll get to know the team behind that vision. If it’s a good fit right, we’ll set sail. We usually structure payments as part cash, part equity and/or revenue partnerships based on sales.  

The budgets for these videos are : X

O - ESTABLISHED BUSINESSES AND FUNDED START-UPS - This is where we’re doing a lot of our business these days. These companies have a following and some investors who believe in them and want to will them the the next level. An effort well-served by a film. This is our sweet spot these days. They’re beyond their seed money and have some advocates behind them and some employees with them. These businesses know it’s time to spend some money on a film or promo.

The budgets for these projects are : X+Y

◊ - COMPANIES AND CORPORATIONS - We work with some of the biggest brands in the world. And we create the same way we do with a start-up because a great story can also be big. We like navigating the public sector waters just as much as the private sector. Sometimes we're shooting longer branded content films, and sometimes we're making 30 second spots for primetime. These projects bring their own brand of fun because big companies often times still like to push, and stretch a ruffle a few feathers. 

The budgets for these projects are :  X + Y +Z



Good question. 

Usually if you do things well, you make them look easy. But easy is a lot of work and craft, blood, sweat and tears. We take pride in innovating high production value on lean budgets, but everyone needs a few apples to make a pie. We innovate like a start-up, but produce like a billion dollar company. We put the right amount of budget in front of the camera. We’re able to do it because we start work the project from concept through the media buys when needed, and that integration helps us in speed, brand discipline, and efficiency. 

Once we're about to start production we appreciate a deposit to get moving, so we’re fronting all the costs. Then we get some more when we head into post-production and the last bit when we deliver you our work. All straight-forward.

We are a hybrid creative agency and production company. We build apps, we build films and promos. That’s where the real magic happens. We design and produce the content, so we save time and money on the the handoff. There are no mark-ups, or inefficiencies based on communication. We’re not grape-vining your project, so we know that the online editor of the piece is as “close to the source” as the creative director.

We have a fantastic team of women and men who have worked as software architects at Google and Microsoft as well Oscar-winning visual effects artists. 


The money pays for all that and more. 

After we're done we hand you a hard-drive or two with all the content. After all, it belongs to you. We can make additional edits down the line, and count it as an additional service.


FILM, EPISODIC, STAGE and app development -  

We do not accept unsolicited materials. We look forward to reviewing your submission through your representation.

Thank you.